Poems Galore!

I thought I'd give you a treat and let you read some poems I have written lately. :D Enjoy!

An unborn child.
Someone’s son or daughter.
Someone’s sibling.
Someone’s best friend.
Someone totally special to God.

It is ignored,
That the child is real.
He is real. 
Don’t ignore it.
Face the truth. 
Stand strong
And march on.

Don’t let the child die.
Let him live
For Jesus Christ.
Let him live
Let him bring joy to someone’s life.
Let him live.
So you can hear him laugh.
See him smile.
Hold his hand.
Look into his eyes

Don’t ignore the truth.
Let it make you strong.
Don’t fall down and let the lie take you over.
Don’t get pulled in.
Stand strong 
And march on.

Spread the truth.
Save the child.
Save him!


Don’t let me walk this road alone.
Come with me and hold my hand.
I want the company more than anything.
Could you spare a moment,
To take my hand and walk the road.
I don’t wanna walk alone. 
I don’t wanna be lonely.
Take a minute of your time and give it to me.
I don’t want to walk alone. 

This road is long and tiresome.
I’m embarking on a dust journey.
I’m gonna take you with me.
Please don’t object.
I want you here so badly.
I’m sure you don’t want me to walk this alone.
It’s a lonely road; it’s a dark road; it’s a depressing road.
You don’t have a choice because I’m making it for you.
You’ll be coming with me
To brighten the journey. 
Bring a smile to both our faces.

I don’t care that you chose for me.
I’m glad you don’t care.
I would come with you no matter what.
Let’s walk this road together.
Of course, we’d walk this together. I wouldn’t let you go by yourself.
Let’s embark on this journey.
It’s time to start, we’ve got a long way to go.
But at least we’ll be-


Step out into the light.
leave the dark behind you.
don’t let it succumb to you again.
leave behind the chains that once held you.
he will fix the tatters that is your heart.

Let Him in. Don’t hide from the Light.
let it shine upon you.
it’s gonna flood your heart,
if you only you let it in.
c’mon step on out hold your hand out.

Hold your hand out.
He’s gonna reach out and take it,
hold it tight and never let it go,
never let it go.
He’s gonna hold onto it forever.
as long as you let Him.
oh hold on.

The light’s gonna lead you.
to the future of His design.
don’t be to slow to react
to His beckoning.
just listen with your heart and answer with your soul.
He’s gonna show you the way.

C’mon leave the dark behind.
make the right choice.
do the right thing, make a new start.
Step out into the light.
Hold onto His promises,
cause you know they are the truth.
He is the way, the truth, 
and the Light.

Never let Him go.
He will be your anchor,
through the ups and downs of life.
He’s gonna hold onto,
and never let you go...


I am unworthy.
Go ahead and love someone else.
I can move on by myself,
without you.
Because I am unworthy.
I don’t need you.
Go on, go on.

I’m all right if you do what you want to do.
It won’t hurt me; it won’t tear me
Just keep movin’ on.
I’ll be fine by myself.
I don’t need your help at all.

You won’t hurt me
if you leave me alone.
I promise you I’ll be okay.
I’m strong enough to take on the world.
By myself; alone.
I can do it.

Trust me.
I can do this.
Please, please, don’t bother me.
I have to do this.
I can carry on alone.
I don’t need the help of a friend.

Trust me.
You don’t want me.
Because I am


Her arms wrapped around her daughter.
One last squeeze.
A last thought before letting go.
Letting go forever.
Never to see her again.
A small tear fell upon the pillow,
upon which lay the pale face of a girl once lively.
Once lively now fading fast.

My eyes traveled around the darkened room.
Surrounding me stood or sat my family.
My family who had stuck with me to the end.
Who had supported me.
They loved me and I them.
A thought crept into my mind.
I didn’t want to leave them; 
but I squashed into away.
I didn’t but if leaving them meant I would see Him,
then I wanted to go,
to go now.

He clasped her small frail hand in his.
Putting slight pressure on her hand he squeezed it gently.
Lovingly, caring, strong, and firm.
He had always been there for her,
to lift her up when she fell, to hug her when she cried;
His wish was to hold her up until the last.
His eyes whispered I love you to her.
Making a tear trickle out of the corner of her eye.

I love you to, Daddy.
My eyes whispered back to him. 
I know that I will see them all again.
Far away in their futures. 
I will watch them from up above.
I would stay but I wanna go and hold His hand;
My heavenly Father; My never changing Guide.

They all watched her with loving eyes.
They didn’t want to miss any last moments with her.
She was all they had ever had,
and now she was leaving them so young.

I’ll see you all later.
My mouth formed the words
but not a sound came out. 
The tears ran silently down my face,
wetting my cheeks.
They very last time they would ever get wet.
But they were almost tears of joy not sadness.
One last breath escaped my lips along with the words:
Goodbye my loves.

They watched the last breath leave her pale lips.
She was gone now forever.
Never were they to hear her merry laugh.
Never were they to see her kind smile.
Nor her loving eyes looking at them from afar.
She was gone now.


Rescue me from the fall.
Save my soul-
from depths of despair.
Don’t let the image cloud my eyes,
don’t let it hide the sin from my mind. 
I need You saving glory.

You will save my soul,
I need Your guidence on this path to heaven.
You’ll lead me on the way.
I know You’ll only show me the right-
and save me from the wrong.
I trust in You to do all you need.

Reap the goodness in me
and destroy the bad.
You can do it,
I know You can.
You won’t fail me and leave me lyin’ here-
on the ground to suffer.
Will You let me go into this pain
and suffer alone,
or will You be there for me?

Even when the skies are darkened with ash and soot
So dark I cannot even breath.
You will be here for me always?
Will You let me die alone, or will you be here?
Why should I doubt the sliver of light in my soul, 
when I know You’re the saving salvation of my life.


O suffering Lord
look down upon the sinners 
of your kingdom

We are the cause;
the cause of your pain.
The cause of your sadness.

You chose to die for us.
To redeem us of our sins.
It was your choice to suffer for us.

I lay myself down
at the foot of the cross,
begging forgiveness of sins all over.

Forgive us, Lord, we beseech you.
For all eternity keep us safe in your arms.
Safe from all distress.


I don't deserve you.
Don't deserve your love.
Nor your kindness,
no I don't.

Go ahead and leave me
floatin' here.
Stuck between drowning and rising.
You could leave me and I'll accept it
with a suffering heart.

You know I don't deserve you
but you come after me anyways.
You reach out for me and pull me close.
I don't resist because I know
I need you,
but don't deserve you.

No, I don't.
But you'll come after me anyways
I won't resist
because you know what I need.

I don't deserve you.
But you come after me anyways...

I really hope you all enjoyed this! Sorry its so long :P Please leave a comment! It will make my day! :D 


My Brother's Birthday

Today is my little brother's 9TH BIRTHDAY!! How ridiculous is that! :P ;) He's too little to be nine but you know that's what you always say. Anyways here are some pictures of him when he's an adorable baby as well as a few "selfies" taken in the car today of me and him together ;)