A new post over on my book blog!

Hey guys!!
Over on my blog set up just for my books I posted a new chapter of my book: Adventure in the Tehachapi Mountains!! CLICK HERE!! and read the new chapter. Or if you haven't read the other chapters yet. Go read them now! :D Thanks guys!



Now begins the time of millions of parties. May thru June must be the unanimously voted months of parties, because every year there's always tons of parties in those two months. We, this year are hosting are usual two parties(okay wrong we usually host one) starting tomorrow. I can't wait for tomorrow *happy dance*. The party is not for me but, hey! Why can't I be excited?! I'll see all my friends!
Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Who's on?! For real fun! Join me in a party in the comments! :D Anyone can start it out ;D I'll bring the cake and punch 

Join in and bring "food" in the comments if you'd like! This is just for total fun! :D