Another Poem

Here's another little poem:

Kings and Queens

Lucy, kind and valiant.
Lovely as a rose.
Led them to Narnia.

We are kings and queens.
Will we always-
Be legend-or real?

Edmund, rebellious and just,
Ever a doubtful boy.
Even dares to betray.

Watch us closely.
We step up-
To our-thrones on high.

Susan, caring and gentle.
Sweet as sugar.
Speaks logically.

We are royalty.
Where we will be-
There is- Cair Paravel.

Peter, strong and magnificent.
Protective to the end,
Pleasing to see.

We are family.
Where one is-

There is-the rest of us.

Hope you like it!


A Poem

I wrote this today. It's inspired by Narnia mainly because I'm listening to the music right now ;) So here it is! I hope you like it! :D

Entrance to Narnia

A glimpse of white snow.
A snatch of yellow light.
A rustle of branches.

I step out into a clearing.
I look about and see-
Yellow light-a frosted lamp post.

A scurrying of hooves.
A flash of brown and tan.
A rustle of paper.

I turn and look into the woods.
I see a creature-
Come out-a faun.

A scream and a yell.
A hurried apology.
A polite introduction.

I like him very much.
I am Lucy-
He is-Mr. Tumnus



         Last night was my graduation!! I graduated from eighth grade so when school starts I will be in high school. I know it will definitely be harder, but hey! it's high school. It was soo cool graduating. I was super exciting all the way until it was time to walk into Church. Then I felt nervous until I got to my seat. But after that I was perfectly alright. All I felt was pure excitement ;D
        One of my best friends made that and I thought it was cool! :D