To Cute!!

This is utterly adorable!!

Guess What!!!!!!

This is my 6th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Music Monday

Today's the first 'Music Monday' basically what I will be doing is posting a video of a certain song. But everyone is also in on it too, (I think you can do it if not just say so). What YOU have to do is in your comment post a link to YOUR favourite song!! So here is my song :)

Someone Like You ~ Adele
Ms Aaliyah.
Ps. Don't forget you part ;)


How to improve my blog.....

I was thinking that I should have certain days that I post a specific thing like one idea I thought of was 'Music Mondays' and I was thinking on maybe Wednesday I could post like graphic art things that I have done and Saturday would be 'Story Saturday' where I would post a little snippet of a story I would create just for that day and then more afterwards. If you have any ideas let me know :)

Ms Aaliyah.


Well this is a random boring post :P Today some of my family is going to a graduation party of long time friends. I have decided to stay home instead of going to a party which I know won't be too fun for me. I have always had a problem with being the middle child (now don't get me wrong) it's just that I am pretty much the middle in everything (well other then my friends). Whenever we have visited this family I either hug out with my little sis, Rosebud, and the little girl A. or hang out with Kath, Yavi and the girl Yavi's age, M., and we would play games or talk and such. Nothing to much. So the few times we did see them I did have fun. I should just stop complaining.............

Random video..........

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful - PianoGuys


A Young Girl's Daybook

Outside my window~ A gentle breeze blowing the trees and sun shining down on my house.
I am listening to~ the fan and an occasional voice of siblings.

I am wearing~a knee length red and goldish skirt with a white tank top underneath a red shirt.
I am grateful for~  Fans and really good popcorn!
I am thinking aboutHaving to get off the computer.

I am reading~ The Road From Roxburry 
I am creating~ Nothing :P :(
Around the house~ Not much. 
One of my favorite things~ Calm and peaceful days and friends. 
A few plans for the rest of the week~ Participating.helping out and a kids camp.


Hello and welcome to Ramblings of A Writer!

Hello! my name as you can see is Miss Aaliyah! as you can see that this place is where you come to read what I will ramble about. I want you to consider this place a cozy lounge where you can come and read ;) with a nice hot cup of chocolate, coffee or tea! whichever you like you can have! (well to drink that is) you can also (if you don't like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate) you can drink soda pop! See I am already rambling ;) I better tell you that I enjoy writing a LOT, so I will be posting some snippets of my stories as well as craziness of my life. 
Miss Aaliyah