More Colors!

So, this morning my sister and I got some more rubber bands :D Yes, more ;) I got the same colors. I got 'em 'cause I needed a refill, already, I know ;) My sister got orange, black, white, light blue, dark blue, and a mix bag. So already we've made some more bracelets from the new colors. We made these:

the 4th in the making

The finished 4 :)

As a side note we found this in our garage last week: :o 



So last week some friends of of my younger sister have these kits called Rainbow Looms and tons of little colored rubber bands. So we got to make some bracelets out of them. Well, I think they are super cool, especially 'cause they are soo colorful! :D So, yesterday I got to go to the store and get some of these rubber bands. I got six packages; there is one color in each bag. I chose, pink, purple, red, light blue/teal, green, and yellow.

 These are four of which I've made that are mine. I have made one for Amanda, and for my other sister, Yavi. My younger sister has made one for herself and a few for her friends from my stash of rubber bands.

 The center one in this next picture is the same one as the one closest to my hand above. The other two for two of my best friends, Rachel (from My Drifting Thoughts) and Lydia. The patterns are the same but I switched the colors around. So on Lydia's it goes 1 purple, 2 green, 1 pink and so on, and Rachel's goes 1 pink, 2 purple, 1 green, and on mine it is 1 green, 2 pink, and 1 purple.


Cool, Beautiful Weather!

Yes! It is finally cool and fall like weather! I am totally for this! :D There's only one problem. It feels wonderful and beautiful out, only it looks like this!:

Ugh! How ugly is that! Who wants to look at brown/green grass and feel the beautifully cool weather when you could at this!

Trust me it never actually looks as beautifully as that, it's just a wish. I mean, does it look gorgeous! I wish my yard actually looked that beautifully.