A Redesigning Job!! Part 1

Redesigning things and re-organzing things or just plan organizing/designing things makes me soo happy!! So I was ecstatic when my parents bought new furniture for our living room that my mom and I had see in a resale shop we checked out week and a half ago. Yesterday we moved the new couch and love-seat into the room as well as bringing a chair from another room that fit better in here.

I do not have before pictures of the room, for that you can check out me mummy's blog

But today started the fun part! Well it's all been fun! ;) Along with the couches and that green lamp in the back by the couch in the second photo we also got a square coffee table of which my mom and I are in the process of painting! Here's a picture of us painting the primer on. 

 and the next two are of the table with the first coat of paint on it. Tomorrow we will be doing a second coat of this pretty creamish white. It's start to look really pretty! It's going to brighten the room up soo much more!

These little beauties are from the sides of the table. We had to unscrew them to sand and paint the table. When they are on the table you can pull them down so that you can put like books and such on the lower part of the table. These we will be painting a green to help match the table with the furniture some more.

Part 2 coming soon!!