Here are two poems I wrote today for a part in the book I am currently writing. I hope you all enjoy them. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think of them. It would be much appreciated! :)

Poem #1

Only time will tell
How fast my heart
Will heal from this pain
Of unshed tears and love.

Only time will tell
How soon I will talk
Of long forgotten memories
Memories of people
So dear to me.

Only time will fill
This empty void
That once was full
But now is empty
Only time
Only time will tell.

Poem #2

Love is strong

Love is dear

Love is precious
Death takes a toll on love.
It can possibly shatter it.
Ruin it all.
It can rip a hole in your heart.
Time will heal that hole.
It will last forever or a short time.
Death can strengthen love.

Don’t let death cause a divide.
Between lost and living.
You will fall.
A short hard fall or a long slow fall.
Come back up and begin again.
Begin again.
Love again.
Live again.

Once again, I hope y'all enjoy it and please leave a comment! :D

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