What I've Been up to Lately

So, no I have not left you all. I am still here I just haven't been writing lately due to school work and not knowing what to write but I guess I'll you an overview of things :D So let's over the last few weeks this is what's been happening:

Number One

Well, I don't know if I've mentioned this but I wrote a book and it is currently in the process of getting published! :D Exciting! I know! :D So it's called Still That Girl and I personally think it's super awesome! But I guess I'll have to wait and see what everyone else thinks! :D If you want anymore info check out this website: http://rebeccadominick.weebly.com/ I highly suggest that you check it out. Yes you should. Go do it now. Right now. Trust me, you'll like it. Honest! (or at least I hope you will ;) ). Anyways that's it for this one. I plan on getting a new post up on the website but I've been busy (reasons stated at beginning of post). 

Number Two

Last week, I celebrated my 16th birthday! I know 16!? I can't believe it. Gosh I'm old. On my birthday my sister took me out to Dunkin Donuts and we got iced lattes and donuts. Afterwards we went to the park. Hahaha, yes we did. It was tons of fun getting to hang out with her! :D 

Afterwards my best friend came over to spend the afternoon. My little bro, AJ, insisted that he wanted to serve our lunch and set up the table, so I let him, haha. My mom let him use some china and we have wine/champagne(not sure which) glasses from my cousin's wedding shower so we got to use those for our pop. We had lasagna left over from my birthday party with my family. 

He had us dress up as well.
We also watched the movie God's Not Dead (great movie by the way). Then we listened to music and just had fun, haha! :D

Number Three

This past Saturday, I had both my best friends over for a tea party. It was awesome! :D We all supplied food and haha we had a ton! lol But it was all finished thanks to my siblings and one of my best friends bros too. :D 

We all had soo much fun, and I'm really glad I got to spend time with both of them! With their help they finished the celebrations to a pretty awesome birthday! :D <3

So that's about all that's really been happening that's super important. I hoped you enjoyed my "What I've Been up to Lately" post. :D Like I always say I'll try and post more often but we'll see how that goes! Haha! God bless all of you!

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