Story Saturday

Once upon a time. In a land far away............

         Michelle Julia Ellis skipped happily through the forest, in her hands she held her favourite book. She sat down underneath a oak tree and straitened her long flowing medieval dress. Michelle's dress was the color of midnight with a glittering gold braid that ran around her waist.

        Michelle loved wearing such long flowing dresses. She had dreamed of princes and princesses as longs as she had lived in her magnificent castle with her family; which was since she was two. Her father, King Joshua Galen  , and her mother, Queen Julia Michelle , moved to there current home due to certain family troubles. Besides Michelle there was Adam Micheal, Joseph Charlie, and her little twin sisters, Ella Marie and Bella Marie.Michelle loved coming to "her" forest, mainly because she got sometime alone from her maddening brothers and her incredibly cute sisters.

       She excitedly opened her book to the spot that she had left off the other day. The book was filled with princesses  and princes' along with dragon's and horses. Michelle gasped,
         "Oh my gosh!!! Save her!! Arthur, Save her!!-" a hand clasped over her mouth in mid gasp.

To be continued Saturday August 18th.