Story Saturday.....er Sunday

I'm so sorry for being late!!!!!!!!!!

      He snickered at Michelle's girly scream. Michelle rolled her eyes up and caught a glimpse of her brother.
             "Micheal! You!" Michelle stood up and shook her dress out. "Sometimes you are just beyond control!"
             "I'm not even controlled!"  Michael laughed at grinned at his little sister. She stuck her tongue out,
             "I forgot, 'cause you're the oldest you aren't controlled you practically rule." Michelle dropped her irritated tone and smiled a genuine, sweet, Michelle smile. She picked up her book and skipped off,  "Don't forget about dinner, Micheal!" she called cheerfully back. Micheal growled and kicked the dirt,
            "She just drives me nuts!"

(Sorry for such a short post, not much inspiration today :)

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