So this past Monday I was at my friends' house for a surprise party for one of those two friends and they had cds out on their piano because we were listening to music while setting up and one of those cds was called "1 Girl Nation" and so the next day, I believe, I decided what the heck, I'll look up the band and so I looked it up and discovered it's a Christian band and I was like OOO!! :D lol. There are five girls in it and their names are: Lauryn Taylor, Lindsey, Carmen, Kayli, and Kelsey. So that led me to look up the songs on the cd and well, let's say, I fell in love with them ALL. I'm serious I did! One that I love the most is called "While We're Young" . It's a fun, dancey, type of song. It's one of those were you just have to turn the speakers up suuuuuppppeerr loud, lol. :D The whole cd has a lot of dancey fun songs, some more poppy than others like this one:  "Love Like Crazy" . There's also some slower songs like this one: "In The Eyes". I really like how they have a mix of different themes but all have the thread of love in it either loving God or being loved by God. Like "In The Eyes" is about knowing you're beautiful because God made you. One that I just find soo adorable and sweet! Is this one: "Daddy's Girl" Oh yes! This one :D It's sooo perfect! I love it. At first I wasn't quite sure I would really like it, I don't mean it in a bad way but because I usually tend to like more upbeat songs and this one is a slower song but then I listened to it and I found it I love it just as much as all the rest! I didn't mention all the songs in this post but just a few. Now for a few pictures of this lovely band. :D

Now I have to run, but I hope you enjoyed this post :D 


  1. GAHHHHHHH! I love them sooo much :3 My best friend introduced me to the band, and now we rock out in the car whenever we carpool together xD I love them cuz they're more poppy and more of my age group than other Christian bands. Lauryn Taylor is my favovrite. She sooo pretty and her voice is amazing!

  2. OH my gosh!!!! :D That's soooo awesome!! :D I've been listening to them like almost every day since I saw my friends' cd!! I know! They are soo awesome! :D I think I like best too! She is super pretty!! :D