Writing, rubber chickens and le résultat!

So for a couple days now I've been at a loss for what to write and so this past Saturday I complained to my friend about it and she told me to throw in a rubber chicken or a candy cockroach. Well, I went with the rubber chicken and I came up with this to get me moving again:

The girls sat quietly together just enjoying the silence together as sisters. The sound of something sliding up. Therese turned to look at her sister.
“What was that?” she whispered. Katarina shrugged and replied,
“I don’t know.” They went back to thinking quietly when another sound caught their attention again. It sounded like something being taken out and thrown to the ground. They looked to the window and saw that nothing was there. Therese got off her bed followed by Katarina.
“Where’s my screen?” Therese asked looking at the empty window. Katarina stuck her head out and looked up and down but saw nothing. Nothing at all whatsoever. She looked at the side of the house and squinted up at the roof but couldn’t see anything. Katarina pulled her head back in and looked at Therese. She shook her head.
“There’s nothing out there.”
“That’s really weird then.” Therese replied.
“Totally.” Katarina nodded her head. “I don’t have any clue for how it happened.”
“Oh well. I’m hungry; let’s go and start dinner.” Therese suggested.
The two sisters turned and headed to the bedroom door. Suddenly there was the sound of something scuffling against the siding on the house. The girls started to turn back. Therese screamed and Katarina jumped two feet off the floor. Therese stared with wide eyes at the floor and Katarina with curious eyes. On the floor in between them lay a rubber chicken.
“What is that?” Therese asked.
“A rubber chicken.” Katarina picked it up with the tips of her fingers and held it in front of her. Therese calmed down and looked closely at it.
“That is extremely wild.”
“What just happened?!” Emiliana was standing in the doorway with a worried and wild expression on her face. Her younger sisters turned to her; Katarina still held the rubber chicken in her hands.
“A rubber chicken just got thrown into Therese’s room.” Katarina said with a hint of amazement.
“That’s what I say.” Therese responded. Katarina walked back to the window and stared out at the street. She looked in both directions but saw no one. Turning back she shrugged.
“Oh well, let’s just bring this downstairs with us and have chicken for dinner!” She grinned a bit. Her sisters chuckled and the all headed downstairs to get dinner started.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please let me know what you thought of it! :)

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  1. Rubber chickens.... Now THAT is a very creative idea :D