Guys! Guys!!

In just one week I get to wear my awesomely beautiful Christmas dress! AHH!! :D I'm soooo happy! I've been dying to wear since I got it for my birthday last month! Oh my gosh! I love it :D

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo :P it makes it hard to see the top of the dress especially because it's black but the top has two pieces that cross over in front and then the waist band is wide and at the sides it's like scrunchy. Trust me it looks better in real life lol ;) But I love it! and I can't wait to wear it!! :D :D

You must just take 3 minutes and 29 seconds(to be exact) 

out of your time to listen to this awesome song!! Trust me I don't demand you to like it but if you do! GO YOU!! :D lol. I hope you enjoy it. 

Also :)

You must just take 4 minutes and 28 seconds

Out of your time again to listen to this very worthwhile song! It's a wonderful song about how God's will always remain for you no matter what happens! :) Enjoy! And once again I don't demand you to like it but if you do! GO YOU!! :D 

I really hoped you enjoyed listening to it! and if you didn't take a total of  7 minutes and 54 seconds out of your day then DO IT NOW!! :D ;) lol *giggles*

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