I Saw Frozen!!(possibly spoilers :P)

I got to see the movie "Frozen" today!! It was sooo awesome!! :D I really enjoyed it. It was hilarious, sweet, happy, sad, epic, wonderful, and sooo totally amazing!! :D I'm sooo glad that this song was the credit song :D I just love Demi Lovato singing it! :D, I do like both versions very well though. I did want to take a picture in front of the poster outside the theater but by the time I got out I forgot :P

 I really liked their sister relationship is soo sweet! I'm really really glad on how Anna was restored(brought back to life; whatever :P) I do like romantic movies(not to much romance though ;)) but I am not disappointed or upset at all when they don't have a happily ever after/I love you/brought back to life scene :D So I am very pleased with what they did. I did enjoy and like the parts with Kristoff and Anna. I thought it was very sweet and I'm very glad they ended up together. I didn't think Anna was good Hans. Nope, not at all. But the song with Hans and Anna was very cute too. :D Olaf! I loved him!! He was hilarious!! But Olaf is a completely different topic ;)

I loved the music very much! Very thrilling and gave you a whole new feel to the movie. I loved the songs with Anna and Elsa, or the ones by themselves. Very beautiful. I can't decide which of the two(Anna or Elsa) are my favorite. I think I just like them both evenly! :D Well I have to go. I must leave again. Toodles

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