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Hey y'all! So today's post is basically just a random post but hey random posts are awesome. So today my younger siblings and I went out to play in the snow. Lots of fun! ;) We came up with names for ourselves. I was Brookelyn Cat, I'm not sure what my younger brother's name. I don't think he ever came up with one :P ;). My younger sister's name was Lisa Amelia Smith because her "parents" for this game were Matt Smith and Karen Gillan ;) and my little brother's name for the game was Justin Beaver. His dad was supposed to be Justin Bieber. Lol, no I don't listen to Justin Bieber but we made my brother use that name because of a joke my sister made up yesterday.

Anyways, when we came in I heated up some water so we could have some hot chocolate! :D It was yummy but I think I put it too much powder because it was thick and kind of gross at the bottom :P oh well. When we had come in we decided to watch a movie and my younger brother was like "I say let's wear whatever you want movie time!" and so well all dressed in random outfits. All pieces of clothing found in either our own closets the scarf bin or the coat closet. Here is the results:

First version of his costume

First version of his costume

Gosh can't really say much about this one. It's sooo not her ;) lol well it is
but she looks really different ;)

Second version. Scottish basketball player!

Second version. He told me to say he couldn't decide
which tie to wear lol.

Whoa! My face looks huge!! :P 

Before the movie

During the movie
We watched Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas. :D 
Soo intent on not missing a single moment lol ;) (yes he was
wearing his pajama shirt but it was part of his costume lol)

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