Hello Again! :)

Hi, so I am finally able to post pictures of what I got for Christmas! I had to wait till I got my new camera that my uncle gave me on Sunday and then I was busy yesterday so I am finally doing it! :) I got the camera because my other one was acting up and everything was neon and looking at the screen it was all purpley and then after taking a picture it would be super blurry, so yeah annoying, and my uncle had an extra camera so he gave it to me! So now I can take pictures again! :D So here is what I got for Christmas! :)

I'm going to do a outfit a day this week. Yes, even though it's already Tuesday ;). I'm doing it to show the clothing I got for Christmas. So today's outfit is the outfit above taken by my little sister Rosebud. 
Sweater is from Kohl's
Tank top from a thrift store
Skirt is from Kohl's(I think)

The sweater is a Christmas present in a roundabout way. The shirt I had originally gotten from my grandparents was a plaid pink, purple and blue shirt but it was too small so we had to return it yesterday and then they didn't have one if my size so I was able to pick something else out :) So technically it replaces a Christmas present hehe. :) Well I hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit. :)

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