Hello Again! :)

Hi, so I am finally able to post pictures of what I got for Christmas! I had to wait till I got my new camera that my uncle gave me on Sunday and then I was busy yesterday so I am finally doing it! :) I got the camera because my other one was acting up and everything was neon and looking at the screen it was all purpley and then after taking a picture it would be super blurry, so yeah annoying, and my uncle had an extra camera so he gave it to me! So now I can take pictures again! :D So here is what I got for Christmas! :)

I'm going to do a outfit a day this week. Yes, even though it's already Tuesday ;). I'm doing it to show the clothing I got for Christmas. So today's outfit is the outfit above taken by my little sister Rosebud. 
Sweater is from Kohl's
Tank top from a thrift store
Skirt is from Kohl's(I think)

The sweater is a Christmas present in a roundabout way. The shirt I had originally gotten from my grandparents was a plaid pink, purple and blue shirt but it was too small so we had to return it yesterday and then they didn't have one if my size so I was able to pick something else out :) So technically it replaces a Christmas present hehe. :) Well I hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit. :)


Here is the photo that I'm entering in fellow blogger, Brooke's Christmas Photo Contest. i hope you like it. I did edit it a tiny bit. I basically just adjusted it so it looked slightly more natural and then softened it up.


Guys! Guys!!

In just one week I get to wear my awesomely beautiful Christmas dress! AHH!! :D I'm soooo happy! I've been dying to wear since I got it for my birthday last month! Oh my gosh! I love it :D

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo :P it makes it hard to see the top of the dress especially because it's black but the top has two pieces that cross over in front and then the waist band is wide and at the sides it's like scrunchy. Trust me it looks better in real life lol ;) But I love it! and I can't wait to wear it!! :D :D

You must just take 3 minutes and 29 seconds(to be exact) 

out of your time to listen to this awesome song!! Trust me I don't demand you to like it but if you do! GO YOU!! :D lol. I hope you enjoy it. 

Also :)

You must just take 4 minutes and 28 seconds

Out of your time again to listen to this very worthwhile song! It's a wonderful song about how God's will always remain for you no matter what happens! :) Enjoy! And once again I don't demand you to like it but if you do! GO YOU!! :D 

I really hoped you enjoyed listening to it! and if you didn't take a total of  7 minutes and 54 seconds out of your day then DO IT NOW!! :D ;) lol *giggles*


Random Post

Hey y'all! So today's post is basically just a random post but hey random posts are awesome. So today my younger siblings and I went out to play in the snow. Lots of fun! ;) We came up with names for ourselves. I was Brookelyn Cat, I'm not sure what my younger brother's name. I don't think he ever came up with one :P ;). My younger sister's name was Lisa Amelia Smith because her "parents" for this game were Matt Smith and Karen Gillan ;) and my little brother's name for the game was Justin Beaver. His dad was supposed to be Justin Bieber. Lol, no I don't listen to Justin Bieber but we made my brother use that name because of a joke my sister made up yesterday.

Anyways, when we came in I heated up some water so we could have some hot chocolate! :D It was yummy but I think I put it too much powder because it was thick and kind of gross at the bottom :P oh well. When we had come in we decided to watch a movie and my younger brother was like "I say let's wear whatever you want movie time!" and so well all dressed in random outfits. All pieces of clothing found in either our own closets the scarf bin or the coat closet. Here is the results:

First version of his costume

First version of his costume

Gosh can't really say much about this one. It's sooo not her ;) lol well it is
but she looks really different ;)

Second version. Scottish basketball player!

Second version. He told me to say he couldn't decide
which tie to wear lol.

Whoa! My face looks huge!! :P 

Before the movie

During the movie
We watched Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas. :D 
Soo intent on not missing a single moment lol ;) (yes he was
wearing his pajama shirt but it was part of his costume lol)



Well, I am finally posting pictures of our snowy yard. I've been meaning to do this for a few days now since it first snowed on Sunday! and today's Thursday! :P Well anyways here are a few pictures of the yard from my view when I do school. I do school in my bedroom. :) They aren't the best quality of pictures but hey it was through the window! lol ;)


I Saw Frozen!!(possibly spoilers :P)

I got to see the movie "Frozen" today!! It was sooo awesome!! :D I really enjoyed it. It was hilarious, sweet, happy, sad, epic, wonderful, and sooo totally amazing!! :D I'm sooo glad that this song was the credit song :D I just love Demi Lovato singing it! :D, I do like both versions very well though. I did want to take a picture in front of the poster outside the theater but by the time I got out I forgot :P

 I really liked their sister relationship is soo sweet! I'm really really glad on how Anna was restored(brought back to life; whatever :P) I do like romantic movies(not to much romance though ;)) but I am not disappointed or upset at all when they don't have a happily ever after/I love you/brought back to life scene :D So I am very pleased with what they did. I did enjoy and like the parts with Kristoff and Anna. I thought it was very sweet and I'm very glad they ended up together. I didn't think Anna was good Hans. Nope, not at all. But the song with Hans and Anna was very cute too. :D Olaf! I loved him!! He was hilarious!! But Olaf is a completely different topic ;)

I loved the music very much! Very thrilling and gave you a whole new feel to the movie. I loved the songs with Anna and Elsa, or the ones by themselves. Very beautiful. I can't decide which of the two(Anna or Elsa) are my favorite. I think I just like them both evenly! :D Well I have to go. I must leave again. Toodles